by Christine Dionese (garden-eats.com)

Morning rituals

I love wrapping up in a blanket with my daughter first thing. I just relax free from thought, or at least as long as my mind allows, hugging her. She’ll outgrow this soon enough so I’m absorbing this ritual as much as possible!

If I wake before her I brew espresso & read my interior design magazines from my favorite sunny spot in my dining room next to “Pronto” my fiddle leaf fig for about 20 minutes to soothe myself into my day because once I get going, I’m really going {yes, we name the plants in our home}.

Evening rituals

After my daughter drifts off to dreamland, I love to get in a night-writing session, sometimes with a second glass of wine. Although I make it to bed earlier these days, I’m able to access deeper thinking in the later hours of the evening, so I take advantage of this by writing or working on my projects.


My skin is quite sensitive actually. I mix lavender and neroli essential oils into a hydrosol to keep my skin hydrated – I always have this and a tiny jar of raw aloe vera in my bag. Otherwise I’m excited about my friend Meredith’s latest divine creation, Nucifera – it’s a coconut based balm blended with oils and super foods for face, neck, basically entire body if you wish!

The other skincare item I carry in my bag is my favorite digestive bitters, the Amargo tonic by Anima Mundi. No matter what you put on your face, bottom line, skin health is cultivated from the inside out, specifically from the digestive system – I have this formula to thank for soothing my facial skin.


Lots of salt exfoliation followed by almond oil!

I love to use sliding fire cups on my derriere and legs to promote circulation and prevent cellulite! Quick, easy and also helps with muscle soreness. I’ve also been doing clay body masks I mix with apple cider vinegar – so soothing!

And, dancing as bodycare – easy way to keep the booty tight while moving some qi!

Mind & spirit care

Being fully present with my daughter, active and quiet meditation, yin and yang styles of yoga, reiki, spending as much time as possible in my kitchen experimenting to create new food therapies, music and art obsessed…

Much needed indulgence: Pastries & chocolates, sea urchin from the Little Italy farmer’s market, French wine, Spanish food… Just rekindled my love of baths and facials too.

Favorite yoga posture

Wall hand stand by far – it opens my heart chakra and is an awesome natural brain tonic. If I ever need to “flip the script” aka get a fresh perspective on a situation or figure out how to pause to acknowledge the missing piece of something I get into this pose. Really I love any pose that opens the heart chakra!

Daily self-love

Meditation no matter what – I acknowledge imperfection, it allows me to accept others as they are while accepting myself clearly. Acceptance brings down the boundaries to clearly access what’s on the inside, to set aside ego and to let love flow. I also remind myself that I’m committed to love, being loved, teaching my daughter how to love and be loved.


Christine Dionese is an integrative health & food therapy specialist, medical & food journalist who lives, works and plays in CA & NY. Christine has dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful effects on everyday human health by harnessing the power of the epigenetic landscape. Find her latest writing at The Chalkboard Magazine, Boomtown Table and Poppy & Seed. She is available for both private and professional consultations.
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