New online class on Sunday 23rd May at 8pm Paris time
(2pm NY time, 11am LA time, 7pm UK time)

Yin yoga is a beautiful opportunity to meet oneself. Poses are held longer than in our Yang practice, which can be challenging without the support of specific tools, but is a technique that changes our approach to the practice. Paying attention to the breath as an anchor, playing skillfully with our edges, and being willing to welcome our emotions without judgement, learning to name and observe them as an awareness practice, helps to cultivate more softness in the way we look at ourselves. This hour of yin yoga is not a break, but a path to re-engagement with our own reality, and the reality of the present moment.

the class costs 10 euros but you can pay less if you can’t afford it. PayPal address :

If you can’t affort it at all, you are welcome too. Write to Romain to get a link to the class :

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We currently have two practice rooms: mattresses (La Vie Bohême), bricks, and bolsters are available.

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