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Tuesday, October 30th
YIN + TONIC – AUTUMN – Workshop – Mama Glow, NY
We are pleased to welcome back our beloved Sam Guelimi, yogini, editor, photographer and writer from Paris. Sam is owner and founder of Ici Selfcare and Glow on the Go cafe in Paris. Join us for a soothing yin yoga flow class followed by a rejuvenating adapotgenic tonic for women, one of her signature G! infusions found at Glow on the Go ! Cafe in Paris.
Yin yoga is a beautiful practice of choice, flexibility. You choose to stay as long as you want in the held posture. You practice being gentle with yourself, not running away in discomfort , not trying to fix anything, staying in stillness and in breath. In this practice you come to know all of yourself better. Come glow and flow on the mat with us. Find out more ›
Photo: Lathan Thomas (july 2018, Mama Glow, NY)

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