Le Projet Ici Selfcare


Why revive the gynaeceum by dedicating a place such as Ici to one half of humanity exclusively?
Although freed from the shackles of the past, we believe that modern-day women face new hardships: a compulsion to perfection in all areas, from looks to profession, from love life to the upbringing of children. Without any doubt, external expectations and society’s pressures have never weighed so heavily on their shoulders.
Most often, women end up integrating such constraints without even realizing it.

The ambition of Ici is to provide them a refuge from these pressures, a private space where they could learn more about themselves, embrace their personality without disguise, and experience their true desires outside. The aim is to reconnect with ancient wisdoms that have always put selfcare first; to seek harmony within in order to thrive in modern society; to achieve fulfillment, here and now.


Here, we’ll breathe, float, dance, sing, get and give.
Here, we’ll take care of our bodies without neglecting mind, we’ll learn to be at peace on the inside as with the outside.
Here, we’ll admire the strength and grace of other women without any dread as they’ll help us spread our wings.
Here, we’ll get away from gravity, and open our hearts to beauty with cheerful exercises.
Here, we’ll blossom, shine, dream, give and get.
Here, kindness will be the rule and our teachers, as travel companions, will show us the way.

Here, now.

Ici–selfcare,  44 Rue des Acacias, 75017 Paris, France,  T. +33(0)9 51 37 48 16,  M. +33(0)7 69 18 64 97,  M. +33(0)6 01 99 62 37,  contact@ici-selfcare.com