An instant with Fern, from Return to the roots.

(you can find her beautiful creations at the Boutique )

What are your daily inner and outer rituals to nourrish your beauty?
Inner health radiates as outer beauty – I nourish these qualities of myself with daily potions & tonics – herbal infusions, medicinal mushroom broths, raw chocolates infused with adaptogenic herbs, sunshine & fresh air, childlike laughter exchanged with my daughter, reading & writing of poetry.

What are your staples for beauty and wellness?
Laughter exchanged & spirit warming hugs : best medicine for inner & outer beauty I’ve come across! Daily movement is another important factor – I favor deep heart opening backbends & also long held poses which allow transformative work to take place with the assistance of conscious breath

How do you stay balanced and confident?
From time to time there come moments of overwhelming joy as well as heavy sadness – at times business keeps me from slumber in high demand & other times I find myself in a lull where it seems the whole world has forgotten the importance of self-care! A beautiful balance which must exist within all – regardless of the highs or lows, I attempt to maintain a humble heartspace stance to embrace the current moments i am graced with – within the moments of low, I like reminding myself that ‘i am doing the best that I can‘ & during the highs, I remind myself ‘Little By Little‘ – I have been practicing a humble approach to all of my given moments, to not become attached to what is upon me at that very moment & to instead live it through to its transformation & embrace + welcome where it is leading me. I find that positive affirmations & choosing a card (or few) from an oracle deck bring to me power filled messages to assist in guiding the way forward with clarity & perspective perhaps previously unseen.

How do you nourrish your mind?
Fresh Air, Sunshine, Sitting At The Edge Of Land & Listening To The Song Of The Ceaseless Ocean, Sufi Poetry, Breath Work, Nourishing Tonics Enjoyed In Full Awareness, Solitude, Mandatory Fun Days Off Full Of Laughter & Spirit Warming Embraces With My Tiny Daughter…

(you can find Fern beautiful creations at the Boutique )

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