How to fall gracefully

As the light turns golden and the scent of autumn piques our imagination, it is time to begin gathering resources, cooling down, and reaping the harvest.

Dimanche 30 septembre 2018
de 9h30 à 12:30

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Learn how to employ Katonah Yoga methods to develop a personal practice that will rejuvenate you for autumn. Using precise geometry and structural alignment, discover how to unwind your fascia and allow the body to release long-held tension. Drawing from myth, metaphor, and Taoist thought, this high-energy exploration of therapeutic yoga can help you refine your techniques for reaping autumnal abundance.

Suitable for practitioners and teachers alike.
Practice + Pranayama + Deep Relaxation
Hands-on Adjustments
Refine your alignment and find balance
Experience more mobility and ease of motion
Catch your breath, flush your organs, renovate your body

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