By Clare Fairhust (www.jigsawnutrition.co.uk)


I love to start the morning with a glass of water with a few drops of Bitters to support my digestion. I use The Herball Of Ayuveda Bitters as unlike most other bitters they taste so good! I will then start making breakfast which is normally protein and healthy fats with some greens or gluten free oats or buckwheat porridge with added protein and adaptogens.
I live next to the sea so after breakfast I will take a large cup of tea outside to watch the waves and walk barefoot on the sand to start the day connected and energised.
I always pull a card from my Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette Baron Reid to ask for guidance of the day ahead.


I make time to meditate. Either a chakra cleanse or a guided meditation by either Jody Shield, Biet Simkin or Sandy Newbigging. I love having Epsom salt baths to replenish my energy levels, one of my favourite things to do is to have a ritual bath. I will add my favourite crystals to the bath, Epsom salts, essential oils and lots of rose petals or herbs. Epsom salts are perfect for detoxifying and helping to promote a good nights sleep. I adore sleep it’s one of the best ways to improve health.


Tea ALWAYS. For me tea is medicine. Using good quality herbs / leaves / plants / flowers can help support numerous physical symptoms and emotions. From optimising energy to improving skin appearance. For me, tea is a form of meditation, it encourages me to be more mindful. I drink different tea according to how I feel and what I need at that moment.
I do love a green juice though, without fruit. My favourite juices are from Botanic Lab, they have the most beautiful combinations and often include herbs.


I am very aware of what I put on my skin. I buy nearly all of my skincare and beauty from Being Content in London. They have a great philosophy and only source the very best brands. I trust their advice always. Right now I am loving the Rose Quartz soap by Wild Medicine. moisturiser by Intelligent Nutrients and make up by RMS, Ilia and Well People.
Skincare always starts from the inside – Plenty of water, good sleep, body brushing and Shaman Shacks 3 Jewels (a beautiful skin nourishing combination of Pearl, Goji Berry and Schisandra).


Moving my body regularly is important, whether it’s walking, yoga or dancing in my kitchen whilst cooking. Movement isn’t just about a healthy heart and healthy mind. Energy is in constant flow and affects our health and all aspects of our life. If we don’t move the energy can’t move either and that’s when we see blockages in health, in life, in finances, in relationships etc.


Meditation is so important to me, it’s been one of the biggest changes to my health and wellbeing. For me it’s a non negotiable practice and one I highly recommend to all my clients. Starting with even 2 minutes a day is perfect.
Spending time with my tribe of people (the ones who just ‘get’ me and all of my beautiful weirdness) being in nature and spending quality time alone are all vital to my wellbeing. Connection with yourself and with others is a huge part of wellness and one that’s often overlooked!


Good quality chocolate! Cacao is powerful medicine. I’m talking about real, quality cacao not the commercial stuff. It’s a great mood booster, a powerful antioxidant and fantastic heart opener. Give me tea, chocolate and nature and I’m happy! I love developing nourishing tonics with plant milks and herbs, whilst it’s not necessarily and indulgence it’s something I adore to do! Oh….and a good facial!


I love simplicity. Mountain pose is one of my favourites. Grounding is something we all need to do often and this is perfect because I can do it anywhere! It calms me and helps me to feel energised and connected.


Daily self love for me includes surrounding myself with flowers. I always make sure I have beautiful flowers around, it is a big part of my self care practice. Roses, Peonies and Ranunculus are my absolute favourites. Like many people I have struggled with self love, one of the best things I was ever taught was the mantra ‘I AM THAT I AM’ – it resonated deeply for me and has enabled me to feel more connected and accepting of myself.


I ADORE books and often use them as tools to get guidance from the universe. I will pick up a book I feel drawn to, turn to whatever page feels right or turn to the page number I think of. It is ALWAYS something I need to hear in that very moment!

By Clare Fairhust (www.jigsawnutrition.co.uk)

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